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The struggles of being a commuter during strike action

Paying for a new season ticket (which has just been increased) and then suffering the strikes.

There is nothing more soul destroying then paying £4000 on a new annual season ticket to then not be able to use it in the first week because of strike action. And to have the audacity to increase their ticket prices? Why should we pay more for a journey which we cannot take!!!




Having to change the plans of my day just to fit around the strikes.

As if the January blues weren’t bad enough, you have the extra struggle of trying to find out how to get to work. Nothing says Happy New Year like getting up 3 hours earlier than normal to ensure you get to work on time.



Sometimes having to pay more money to get to where you need to go.

Your last train was cancelled from London Victoria to Brighton? Time to fork out more money on a taxi. Delay Repay is good an all, but it’s hardly going to cover the fortune of finding alternative travel home for longer journeys!



What’s worse than the disruption of strike action. MULTIPLE RAIL STRIKES. We’re only a few weeks into January and there have already been strikes against Southern Rail and Underground. Don’t travel with these operators? You’re not safe yet, there have now been discussions about strike action on Merseyrail and Arriva Rail North. These strikes are spreading like a winter cold…


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Not knowing who is really in the wrong

If someone ask you if you’re for and against the strikes you have a general opinion, but the reality is you don’t really know who’s side you’re on. On the one hand, you’re angered that the unions are striking because it’s majorly inconveniencing you, but on the other hand they have every right if it’s in our best interest. There are so many for and against arguments, you just don’t quite know who to believe.  

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The struggles of being a commuter during strike action

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