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How train companies have already let us down in 2017

1. Fare increase

Nothing said Happy New Year to commuters quite like bumping up their ticket prices. How exactly do train operators justify this ill-advised adjustment when it’s somewhat a miracle if our train arrives on time?


2. Southern’s strikes called off only to have more scheduled

It was almost as good as the Beyoncé pregnancy news. On the 2nd of February, many London/South-East commuters were relieved to find out that ASLEF and Southern Rail had come to an agreement and strike action was to finish. Finally, an end to the chaos! Wrong… Little did we know that the compromise didn’t accommodate the RMT unions needs -another union actively protesting Southern Rail. The RMT said they felt ‘betrayed’ that ASLEF agreed to Southern’s conditions and have now staged further strike dates.


3.Train operators declining or ignoring delay repay

You think being delayed is being bad? Try spending more of your precious time applying for delay repay only to have them falsely rejected, or even completely ignored!

Great Western, earlier this year, were accused of taking an absurd amount of time to reply to peoples delay repay claims- if replying at all! We emailed them directly over a month ago, to discuss the matter. They are yet to respond…

Southern Rail are also in the firing line for falsely declining delay repay claims. And they even admitted it on their Twitter…

Southern Rail Tweet


4. False delay repay promises

Do you remember when the Government announced the ‘Delay Repay 15’ scheme to help conquer tardy trains? The idea was that train operators would compensate their customers once they had been delayed by 15 minutes, rather than 30 minutes, in the attempt to apply pressure on operators to perform better. Well as great as this sounded, it has been over four months since revealed and so far, only 4 train operators are doing this. Granted, it is the worst punctual operators (Southern, Thameslink, Gatwick Express and Great Northern) that have this scheme in place, but other train operators such as Southeastern and Greater Anglia aren’t performing much better.  

Oh, and it gets worse. Some train operators, such as South West or Great Western, still only offer compensation if you’re delayed by 60 minutes. That means if your train is delayed by 59 minutes, despite the major inconvenience it is likely to cause to your day, you will receive nothing in compensation.



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