1. What do I do if I was delayed?

    This depends on the level of subscription you have taken out.


    Depending on who you bought your ticket from, you should use their delay repay process to apply for compensation or a refund depending on the circumstances. The notifications we send out include a link to a page that details the actual information of the train journey in question, i.e. which operator provided it, what the reason for the delay was (where they provide one) and how long it was delayed for on its route etc. The page also includes links to the Operators online delay repay form if they have one, their downloadable form to print out and post off if they don't as well as their customer services number to call if you have any questions.


    If you travel on an operator that supports the Delay Repay scheme then from either the notification email or the 'Possible Claims’ area you should identify those instances where you were delayed and 'Request Auto Claim'. That's all you need to do, we take care of the rest.

  2. Do I need to send my ticket off?

    This depends on the level of subscription you have taken out.


    Depending on if it is a season ticket or not will indicate whether you need to submit your ticket.  If it is a season ticket you will continue to need it for the remainder of the period the ticket is valid for, in these circumstances you just need to send a copy of your ticket if sending a claim in by post or upload a photo of your ticket if using the online form.  If it is a single or return ticket that has now expired you can still take a photo if using the online form else they may expect the original if sending in the post.


    You submit your ticket to us using the upload functionality within the system and we will take care of the rest, submitting your ticket as required and authorised by you.

  3. If you submit my claim where is my compensation sent?

    You need to provide your compensation preference details into the DRS system as this is requested by the Operators, this way the compensation is always sent directly to you by your chosen method.

    Sometimes errors are made, you may have selected 'BACS' as your chosen method of compensation and you receive a cheque - in these instances please direct your query to the Operator and not to us as we can only submit using the data in your DRS account.

  4. How long do refunds typically take to come through?

    Refunds usually take about 14 days to arrive but we have known delays and this has resulted in refunds taking typically up 20 days to arrive.

    Please do not chase DRS as we have no insight to the backlogs Operators may be encountering, please contact your Operator in the first instance as beyond the submission the dialogue is between you and the Operator.

  5. What form is compensation provided in?

    The rail companies do NOT provide cash refunds, they do offer a number of different methods for compensation from National Rail vouchers which can be used to purchase another ticket which are valid for 12 months from date of issue, to cheques, BACS, PayPal and Credit card. Please check with you Operator for those options they support.

  6. How long are vouchers valid for?

    They are valid from 12 months from the date of issue so even if you buy an annual ticket, you can still use them for your next one.

  7. Can rail vouchers be used online for ticket purchases?

    No not at present.

  8. How long do I have to submit a claim?

    You have 28 days from the date of the journey.

  9. I have not received any communication from the Operator, what should I do?

    The first thing to do is ensure you are receiving the typical confirmation email that most Operators send when they receive a claim submitted by you directly or us. Please note this is not the email from DRS saying we have submitted it, it will come from the Operator and normally contain a summary of the details submitted. If you are receiving these emails then the Operator has received the claim request but there could be a backlog. Please contact your Operator and see where the claim is in their process.

    If you have the email receipt but they claim not to have your claim (not unheard of) then they will likely ask you to resubmit. We will happily do this on your behalf but you would need to forward the receipt email to our customer_services@delayrepaysniper.com email address.