1. I have to change on my daily commute, does your system allow for this?

    We typically monitor direct trains between 2 points but we understand that some people have to get connecting trains and so we allow you to register up to 3 individual legs of your journey which we monitor in both directions of travel.

  2. When I register, how long before you start monitoring my journeys?

    We receive a continual feed of the trains and so we have a full history of all trains on your line. Your account will be populated with the last 28 days of historical claims shortly after registration.

  3. Why do I need to validate my email address?

    We use email as our primary form of communication and without validating it is a true email address we are not able to send you notifications .

  4. I have registered but not received my validation email, what do I do?

    It may be that the email is in your spam or junk folder, we do use reputable email services to send out our emails but occassionally it does still happen depending on your settings. To remedy this please ensure that @delayrepaysniper.com is added as a whitelisted domain in your email program and then go to the register / login link and enter your login details, you will be given the opportunity to have the validation email resent to your address at this time.

  5. I have just registered and the last 28 days has not populated my account?

    If there has been a break from your free trial and take up of a paying subscription the history will have stopped when the free trial expired and will not auto populate when you subscribe. The subscription fee is paid monthly in advance and upon subscribing your account becomes active again and the data starts to flow from that point onwards but the historical data is out of scope as it has not been paid for.