1. What is the Delay Repay Scheme?

    Delay Repay is a government initiative that means you can claim a refund for any journey delayed by a minimum of typically 30 minutes (some Operators will support 15 minutes - please check with your Operator if unsure). The value of the compensation is based on the length of delay and the cost of the ticket.

  2. How much does your service cost?

    Delay Repay Sniper is available in two flavours outside of the initial 1 month free trial period. The basic notification service (DIY) is £3.75 per month where you can monitor up to 3 routes, receive the daily notification email and you are responsible for submitting the claims. The full (DRS) service is £9.99 per month and includes unlimited routes, the daily notification email and we submit the claims as authorised by you, on your behalf once you tell us which train you were delay on or impacted by. The DRS level is underpinned by the price promise.

  3. What trains do you monitor?

    We monitor and provide notifications for all mainline trains that you would normally be able to plan journeys for on the National Rail website.

    Some Operators however do not support the Delay Repay Scheme and so it is important to check your Operators policy prior to subscribing to the DRS service.

  4. How often do you email me?

    We can send you a daily email detailing the trains that suffered delays between your start and end stations. You can also select the 'no email' option and use the ‘Possible Claims’ area of the site to identify the trains that you were delayed on or impacted by.

  5. Does Delay Repay work on season tickets?

    Yes it does but the calculation is slightly different, the train operators assume you will travel each working day and 1 day on a weekend every other weekend, therefore they typically divide the cost of your monthly ticket by 22 days. The refund levels are the same in terms of 30 to 59 mins being 50% of a single journey, 60 to 119 mins is 100% of that single journey and then anything 120 mins over is a 100% refund of a return allocation of your ticket. As an example if a monthly ticket was £408, a delay of 30 to 59 mins would result in approximately £4.50 being refunded, 60 to 119 mins would return approximately £9.00, a delay of 120 mins or longer would return approximately £18.00. The scheme also works for weekly and annual tickets although the number of days they divide the initial value by may differ slightly.

    These figures are indicative only and the Operator will calculate the compensation due based on your ticket and the delay encountered.

  6. Do you offer a full claim service?

    We are able to offer a submission service if you are subscribed to that appropriate subscription (DRS). By subscribing to this service you give DRS the authority to submit claims on your behalf where you have been delayed or impacted by a cancellation, using your data, the journey details you confirm you were on or intended to catch and our application. In order to do this you will provide us with a copy of your ticket and your contact details, via the secure 'My Account' area of the application and positively confirm each journey you wish to claim for.

  7. Do you take a commission?

    No we do not take a commission on the amount of the refund, we are able to provide the service through the subscriptions received.

  8. Do you monitor ALL trains?

    There are currently some minor limitations that result in some trains we are unable to monitor, for example we are unable to monitor trains where scheduled engineering work is active and a bus replacement service is provided.

    We are also unable to support users that travel on Operators that do not operate a Delay Repay Scheme.